The Kaijitsu Family

Lonjiku and his daughter Ameiko


The Kaijitsus are perhaps the richest family in town, which is extraordinary considering their Minkai origin. Lonjiku Kaijitsu, the head of the family, has carried on his father’s proud work as glassmaker, and the Sandpoint Glassworks is perhaps the town’s most prosperous business. Yet for all of his success at business, Lonjiku has found the role of father to be one he’s particularly ill suited for.
His daughter Ameiko shamed him not only by becoming an adventurer, but also by opening and running a tavern and flophouse-“hardly women’s work,” he’s fond of telling anyone who’ll listen. Of course, those who know or work for Lonjiku know his short temper is his real problem.
Ameiko’s beauty is more than matched by her skill at music, and few are the evenings that pass without at least two or three songs being performed by the talented woman in the Rusty Dragon. When Ameiko left town a few years ago to become an adventurer, it scandalized her family enough. But when she retired from adventuring a year later, and returned to Sandpoint, she bought and renovated the Rusty Dragon-an act that only further scandalized and shamed her father.
Lonjiku lives alone in his manor. Only a few servants and errand boys stay with him. Ameiko’s mother died a long time ago, and since Lonjiku could not hold his animosity towards his daughter, she now lives in the Rusty Dragon.


The Kaijitsu Family

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